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Alcohol & Society Denmark is a national organization, independent of any political, religious and commercial interests.
We cooperate with Magasinet Rus, Bad Ad and other volunteer organisazions. We also invite volunteers to partake directly in our work.

Alcohol & Society challenges the alcohol culture in Denmark in order to help prevent alcoholrelated problems.

Alcohol & Society believes that:


  • children and young adults have the right to grow up in an environment that is not burdened by the negative consequenses of alcohol.
  • everybody has the right to valid impartial information on the consequenses of alcohol consumption on health, family, work and community.
  • everybody has the right to a life without pressure to drink and without promotion of alcoholic beverages in private and public places.
  • people with a harzardous alcohol consumption and their families have the right to public and effective treatment and care.


The above mentioned rights are taken from the WHO European Charter on Alcohol 1995. Denmark signed the charter.

Alcohol & Society raises awareness and debate by the means of:


  • building platformes for professionals and organizations who work with prevention, treatment and alcohol policies.
  • citizen-centered prevention and education
  • promotion of knowledge and research
  • monitoring marketing
  • building networks for citizens, who wish a critical debate on the alcohol culture.
  • involvement in national and international fora that are concerned with public health issues and non-contagious diseases


If you have a good idea for an activity or an important issue, please write us at info@alkohologsamfund.dk or join our campaign network.


Alcohol & Society
Drejervej 15, 5. sal
2400 København NV
Phone: +45 3529 3090


Media contact:
Johan Damgaard Jensen, director Alcohol & Society
Cell: +45 4091 7270
Mail: jdj@alkohologsamfund.dk


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